District 26 Candidate

Marvin Jeffcoat (R)

Campaign Website: MarvinJeffcoat.com

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Jeffcoat is running as a Republican


How long have you lived or worked in the district and how active are you in the community right now?

I moved into the neighborhood after retiring from the Army in April 2004.

After retirement from active military service in 2004, I began serving the community as the Youth Chairman for John V. Daniels Jr. VFW Post No. 2813. Under my leadership, 48 local students have received $3,200 in scholarships.

I am a life member of several organizations which include the 82nd Airborne Division Association, the Combat Infantrymen’s Association, the National Rifle Association, Veterans of Foreign Wars, the American Legion, the Catholic War Veterans, Knights of Columbus, President of the Sunnyside GOP Club, and served on Queens Community Board 2.

I hold these positions to ensure veterans receive well deserved compensation for injury and illness sustained on active duty. I also believe in empowering our youth to create their own success through education and skill development.

I have mentored thousands as a Cub Master and Veterans Youth Chairman.

What is your current occupation?

Facility Manager NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.

What were your thoughts on the Amazon HQ2 proposal in Long Island City?

Corporate candidate AOC and the Democrat machine squandered the opportunity to bring jobs to the people who need them most in western Queens.

I would have negotiated a deal to attract Amazon and other businesses to the neighborhood without cost to the taxpayer.

Onerous regulations have strangled the life out of our economy causing small business to close shop taking well-paying jobs with them. My plan is to attract businesses to occupy areas already zoned for commercial use with the lowest corporate tax rate in the nation. I will periodically evaluate and eviscerate regulations that kill union jobs while protecting our future with common sense sustainability.

What is your view on the Phipps Houses rezoning proposal on Barnett Avenue in Sunnyside?

When I was on the Community Board the Department of Buildings promised our neighborhood would always have a view of the Manhattan skyline.

Jimmy Van Bramer and the democrat machine destroyed our skyline for personal gain without consideration of the needs and impact on the community.

A rezoning application is likely to move forward on the private property surrounding the Anable Basin in Long Island City where Amazon was proposed to go. It is likely to involve thousands of residential units and hundreds of thousands of square feet of commercial space. Would you approve such a development? What would you be looking for?

No, I would use property already zoned for commercial use to attract industry and provide jobs so our neighbors can afford to occupy all the new construction that sits vacant.

Do you think the rezoning process (ULURP) is working? If not, how would you change it?

No, it’s not working. A small group of people control the process which lends itself to corruption. Developers and City Planners should provide several proposals of what the District might look like based on projected growth. The plans should include how the infrastructure and grid will be improved to accommodate the proposals. Rezoning should only be done when there is a clear need and developers can demonstrate doing so will not pose health risks to occupants. Industrial zones should be preserved to attract manufacturing that will provide jobs for residents.

Do you believe in member deference when it comes to rezoning?

No, it cuts out the citizens right to know and decide. It is also easier for developers to persuade a select few and lends itself to corruption.

Should the city council cut police funding? If so, by how much?

No, the City should restore police funding and plan for an increase to regain order maintenance and the intelligence lost by this irresponsible dereliction of duty. Competitive pay and compensation are critical to attract and retain the best qualified law enforcement officers, especially after the sustained political attacks on their reputation. Officers will be exposed to increase risk to regain the order maintenance once enjoyed in this city. This means many officers will leave service unable to earn a living because of injury and illness sustained in the line of duty.

Do you think non-citizens (including undocumented immigrants) should be able to vote in New York City elections?

No, it violates the Constitution and disenfranchises American citizens of the value of their vote and citizenship.

How would you select community board members and is the current system working?

I would have interested citizens submit a resume and present their education, knowledge, skill, and understanding of the issues at an open board meeting. All registered voters in the district should be able to run and vote.

Are you an advocate for protected bicycle lanes in the district and, if so, where do you think they should go?

Bike lanes should not be present where they impede commerce and increase the risk of injury, loss of life, and/or property damage. For example, the 8-lane highway known as Queens Boulevard.

What is your view on the transportation network in Queens? What would you do to improve it?

We need to improve the headways to reduce overcrowding by adding additional buses and trains to existing routes. We should also make better use of existing railroad right of ways to provide mass transit to outlying areas.